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The steam engine

The steam engine

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The steam engine

Detail of a model of a steam engineof Boulton’s and Watt’s design. TM14842. Photo: Ellinor Algin.

The steam engine

Mårten Triewalds copper-plate showing Sweden’s first steam engine, which was used in Dannemora mines between 1726 and 1728. Photo: Archives of the National Museum of Science and Technology.

Kort fakta om innovationen

Kort fakta (2) om innovationen

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The steam engine

The steam engine was one of the foundations of the industrial revolution. The first steam engine was designed by the Englishman, Thomas Newcomen, in the beginning of the 1700s to pump water at coal mines. It  was improved by, among others, James Watt and soon went on to power factories, boats and locomotives.

Today the steam engine has retired, but it has been of great importance to the development of many other innovations. The car´s combustion engine as well as the steam turbines of nuclear power plants have derived from it.

The most common type of steam engine is the piston engine, which converts heat into motion. The water in the boiler is heated to steam and the higher the pressure and temperature you can achieve, the more efficient the steam engine becomes.

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