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An exhibition at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, 2012 – 2018

A radiator on a meadow

The radiator

Ingress för att beskriva innovationen

A radioator on a meadow

The energy that will power our radiators in the future should come from renewable sources. Photo: Ellinor Algin.

The radiator

Radiotors are exhibited at ”Bygge och Bo” (Home construction and Living space) show in Örebro, Sweden in 1937. Photo: Gustav Götlin.

Kort fakta om innovationen

Kort fakta (2) om innovationen

Rubrik för små genier


The radiator

People have known how to light a fire for a long time — but how should you conserve and distribute the heat from the fire? Throughout history there have been various ways to keep ourselves and our homes warm. A hot stone or water bottles in the bed are very simple radiators.

A smarter solution was to allow hot water to circulate and heat the rooms. Heating pipes about 3,000 years old have been found in what is now Turkey.

A typical radiator is made of metal and hot water is pumped into it through pipes. The metal gets hot and the surrounding air is heated by the radiator. Since warm air is lighter than cold air, it rises and is replaced by cold air. In this way the air is circulated around the whole room  which gradually becomes warm.

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