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The micro wave

The microwave oven

Ingress för att beskriva innovationen

The micro wave

Cupol” microwave oven was designed by Carl-Arne Breger in 1969. Photo: Ellinor Algin.

Kort fakta om innovationen

Kort fakta (2) om innovationen

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The microwave oven

The microwave oven was invented by accident. In the mid-40s the radar researcher, Percy Spencer, noticed that a piece of chocolate had melted by a radar transmitter´s waves. He tested other things — he made an egg explode and managed to pop popcorn. Spencer took out a patent on his invention and a few years later the first microwave ovens went on sale. But the market was sceptical and deep-frozen food was not yet available to buy. The microwave oven first became popular in the 1980s.

Microwaves come from a magnetron, an electronic tube, which speeds up water molecules in food. When the molecules begin to go here and there the food gets hotter. Not all molecules are affected by microwaves. Solid substances like china — or even ice — are not affected in the same way.

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