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Refuse collection

Refuse collection

Ingress för att beskriva innovationen

Refuse collection

This dress is made of”garbage”: old plastic bottles, caps and sticky tape. Photo: Eva Pagmar, Angela Rubencrantz.

Refuse collection

Old refrigerators are about to be recycled at Lövsta refuse collection station in Hässelby, Stockholm. Photo: Nisse Cronestrand.

Kort fakta om innovationen

Kort fakta (2) om innovationen

Rubrik för små genier


Refuse collection

A year´s household waste from Swedish homes could fill the whole of Globen up to the top 48 times.
When people moved into towns hundreds of years ago, rubbish soon became a problem. Apart from the fact that it stank and attracted vermin, dangerous diseases also spread. During the 1800s we began to carry away and burn rubbish.

Today a large part of our household waste in Sweden is recycled. Glass, newspapers and plastic become new bottles, magazines and packaging. Another way to allow refuse to become useful is to burn it up and take advantage of the energy. Around 15 % of all district heating in Sweden comes from waste incineration.

Rubrik för nördar



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