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Nuclear power

Nuclear power

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nuclear power

Control room at Ågesta nuclear power plant, which was the first commercial nuclear power plant in Sweden. Photo: Nisse Cronestrand.

Nuclear power

This bottle is filled with heavy water containing the hydrogen isotope deuterium. It comes from R1, which was the first nuclear reactor in Sweden. Photo: Truls Nord.

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Nuclear power

When a uranium atom is split, a chain reaction of atom fission starts which releases energy. With nuclear power, electricity can be produced without carbon dioxide emissions. The problem is the radiation and the waste which is radioactive for up to 100,000 years.

Electricity production in nuclear power plants uses uranium as fuel. Sweden has only ten reactors in operation but 50 % of our electricity production comes from nuclear power. It puts Sweden in third place in the world.

IIn 1945 the USA dropped atomic bombs over Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 200,000 people died. Radiation injuries affected generations. In  2011, an earthquake and a tsunami lead to a serious accident in the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The population will not be able to return to their homes for many years.

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