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Ingress för att beskriva innovationen

picture of antibiotics

Two penicillin samples from the first batch to be industrially manufactured in Sweden in 1948. TM26060. Photo: Ellinor Algin.

Penicillin is being loaded onto a plane

Penicillin is being loaded into Trans-Canada Airlines plane at Dorval airport, Great Britain. 1940s. Photo: Archives of the National Museum of Science and Technology.

Kort fakta om innovationen

Kort fakta (2) om innovationen

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In 1928 Brtitish researcher Alexander Fleming, discovered antibiotics by chance. He forgot about a petri dish with bacteria on his table. When he found the petri dish several weeks later there was mould in it. Fleming saw that the bacteria closest to the mould had died. This was how he found penicillin, the world´s first antibiotic.

The researchers, Ernst Chain and Howard Florey, later invented the technology for mass-producing antibiotics and along with Fleming received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1945. Antibiotics save millions of lives every year.

Our bodies consist of cells and a bacterium consists of one single cell. The antibiotics can tell the difference between human cells and bacteria. They only attack bacteria cells.

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